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Welcome to the website of De Schatkaart (The treasure map).

De Schatkaart is a rapidly growing public school for primary education (4-12-year-old students) in international Delft. We have a unique concept that offers your children a safe environment where they can learn and grow. We follow the children's bio rhythm in our provision to ensure that they are ready to learn. Our children do well in secondary school and the school was deemed "good" by Ofsted. 


The concept (short version)

In our school children learn to take responsibility for themselves (about their health, being assertive, etc.), for others (comforting, helping, working together, being a great leader, etc.), for their environment (cleaning up, reducing plastic soup, taking care of nature, etc.) and for their own learning. 



At De Schatkaart we use scientific insights on the development of the child (brain, body, psychological, gifted children, etc.). Our education is adapted to the bio-rhythm of the child’s brain. In the morning we start up easy, children have their own 'route'. In the second half of the morning, the working memory and short-term memory is most active. That is when we offer our students a lot of knowledge and skills at their own level. In the afternoon the long-term memory is most active. This is the moment where we can store knowledge and skills for a longer period. We do this by working in science projects (including history and geography) where the children interact, use and interpret the knowledge and skills. 


In our school we speak Dutch and the children learn the Dutch language. We also use and teach the English language in all year groups. On Friday it is English day: several learning activities are in English. The English language is also used on the other days, especially with children from expats to help them adapt.


To us parent involvement is essential. We have special evenings for parents and teachers on several topics (like boyhood, gifted children, growth & fixed mindsets). You are welcome to visit the kindergarten group in the beginning of the morning. You can help us with several activities. And off course we have close contact on the development of your child. Together we can offer your child the best environment to grow and learn.


Do you want to learn more about our school? Please contact the school director, Marc Briek:  directie@deschatkaartdelft.nl 



Do you want to apply your child(ren) to our school? Please fill in the registration form and send it to  directie@deschatkaartdelft.nl 


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